Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. This proxy server was not setup to collect any private data from you, it was setup to have a workaround for our Wi-Fi network customers to help them access the Internet on iOS 6 and the Wi-Fi network operated by us until apple finally fixed the issue.

  1. The e-mail address you submitted is not provided for advertising and not given to any third party, except to keep you informed about service status.
  2. By using our proxy-service, un-secure network protocols like HTTP are passed as is to our server. We don't collect any data except the url is logged by the proxy-server, we don't intercept the data flow. The logging of the url is to keep our service running and monitor any interruptions.
  3. By using our proxy-service, secure network protocols like HTTPS are passed as is to our server. Because of the SSL/TLS encryption our server is not able to see what's inside the data flow, even the full url (only domain is logged).
  4. The server is located in Germany in a data center, that means by accessing our server, the location is shown as accessed from Germany.

For further questions feel free to contact us.